Submitting Your Catch

NOTE: Before you can begin submitting fish, you will need to register an account in the iAngler Tournament app. Register for iAngler Tournament by clicking here.

Step 1: Register

Download the free iAngler Tournament app & click the Magnifying Glass icon to search for events. Find the correct KBS event & complete the registration process.

Step 2: Catch Fish

No check-in required the morning of the tournament. Start catching bass after the First Cast time (announced at the Captain’s Meeting).

Step 3: Photograph

Take several photos of your fish on the Hawg Trough measuring board with your smartphone’s camera. Be sure to adhere to all CPR Photo Criteria!


Instructions for submitting your catch in the iAngler Tournament app


1. Log In

Open the iAngler Tournament app & enter your login credentials. Click “Let me in”


2. Go To Your Tournaments

Once you’ve registered for your tournament (see above), click on the ticket stub icon to view your tournaments.


3. Select Your Tournament

Click the green arrow icon to the right of your KBS tournament.


4. Log A Catch

Click “Log A Catch” at the bottom of your screen to log a new catch.


5. Input Catch Details

Fill in your catch details and add a photo. Enter the fish’s LENGTH in INCHES to the closest quarter inch (i.e. 16.25, 17.00, 18.50). Weight is NOT required.

To upload a photo, press the camera icon and select “Get From Album/Photo Library.” Find the best photo of your fish (see CPR Photo Criteria).


6. Submit

Press the green Submit button.


7. Press Yes

Press the blue Yes button to acknowledge that you won’t be able to edit your submission once submitted.


8. View Submissions

Click on the Clipboard icon to view your submissions.


9. Submission Status

After being submitted, a purple icon will appear next to the submission. Once reviewed, the icon will change to green (accepted) or red (rejected). If rejected, anglers can view the comments & resubmit if they have a better photo.

NOTE: Approved submissions may have length deducted or added based on judge’s discretion.