CPR Photo Criteria


Follow these rules when taking your photo to make sure your catch counts


Follow these criteria or your fish could be DISQUALIFIED

See below the penalties for incorrectly submitted fish

Photo MUST include entire fish, lip to tail.
If we cannot see the lip, fish is disqualified.
If tail is cut off, we will give you the longest length we can see without a doubt.

Do NOT cover the mouth, eyes, or tail.
If mouth, eyes, or tail are covered, fish is disqualified.

Do NOT pinch tail.
If tail is pinched, fish will be docked .50″

Lip MUST be touching the bump board.
If lip is not touching the bump board, fish is disqualified

Fish must be LEFT SIDE UP, belly facing angler, mouth facing left.
If fish is not positioned correctly, fish is disqualified

Hawg Trough lines MUST be clearly visible.
If we can’t be sure the tail hits a certain mark, we will round down to the nearest .25″

Identifier must be clearly visible.
If correct identifier is not visible, fish is disqualified

Note: Identifier will be given out at Captain’s Meeting the night prior to each event.

Get Your Hawg Trough

The required measuring device for KBS submissions is the Hawg Trough ruler. Get yours with lines already darkened & modified to float from FishingOnline.com

Regular Hawg Troughs also available from Cabela’s, Amazon, and ACK.